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Sunday, 8 August 2010


Sup my Waves and Wavettes - im still riding the wave - I will never stop!!

Peep this freestyle that some guest dropped in the chat room - Max b is the illest!!

Max B - Unthinkable freestyle


She said dont you lie to me
You been steady creepin wit that bitch, you just lie to me
should you feel dat/dont you go creepin/ come confide in me
You hurt me once again and im sure my heart cant take much morrreee

Bigga wont you come and get this pussy cause its soaked and warmmmmmmm
Ill deserve it / youll deserve it
Bigga shits so good its so impossible to ignorreeee
She thinks she can take it

I was wondering wavy
if you think you can take me
you can do the unthinkable
im a make you go crazy
my shit just taste so beautiful
why dont you entertain me -

if you ask me im wavy, im wavy
(still wavy baby)

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