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Tuesday 24 May 2011

Max B's Birthday - Max B Live on Radio 5/21/2011

Props Dahkidbezells


Negativity doesn't breed no positivity, I'm the first one to always say that but on this last note fuck Maya The B. (Did i spell it right Hun?)

Maya The B insulted Max B on her radio show, which blogged on here - in which i didn't get my spell check on. I don't know what part of the game smiling or smirking at a nigga being behind the g wall is, Max B has some devout followers due to his skill as a real music artist. 

His genre of music is mixed with Motown, west coast and that east coast style to it - Maya The B you have to have something in your blood to feel it. Plus your no one, Max B has brought something to the table - that's touched many people around the world.

This is JUST a support site in honor to support the wave, this is not, i REPEAT, NOT my one and only site, thinking yeah I'm on the Internet doing this ting.

Maya The B got me twisted, what i do on the Internet and what you know about the Internet are two complete different worlds.

Like i said, negativity doesn't breed no positivity, but this and my other post will rank at the top of google for the world to see, cause i know say there's a bigger demographic typing in ""Maya da B" instead of "Maya The B".

But seeing how this Maya The B was too dumb to hold her tongue and understand she took a stab at Max B and was the one that instigated all this shit, i had to come back and rank for Fuck Maya The B. If only you just let it go, you wouldn't possible have two post getting ranked at the top of Google about you.

Its a tough world when you judge books by a cover!


Wednesday 4 May 2011

Max B The Wave Behind The Pen ( Swaggariffic Iii ) Disc 2

Max B The Wave Behind The Pen ( Swaggariffic Iii ) Disc 2 

Popz & Nick B are back with Disc 2
@PopzNNickB bring you the third installment to the Swaggariffic series with The Wave Behind The Pen :All Inquiries @PopzNNickB or Contact Spike 305-761-6468 | Paypal Donations for Max B via Charly Wingate SBI 904278D INM-641403 P.O Box 861 Trenton , NJ 08625 Visit