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Wednesday 13 July 2011

Max B - Lennox to Lavish | FREESTYLE BEHIND THE G WALL


Monday 11 July 2011

Max B - The Wavey Bunch Mixtape

Max B - The Wavey Bunch - has just dropped, shouts to the kid Bezells. Fucks wit the homie and join the Official Max B Facebook page, if you havent already and get immediates notice on anything to do with the wave. Listen or Download the mixtape after the jump


Max B Announces Coke Wave The Album

Max B shares clarity on the situation with Coke Wave Album, wave will never be over! shouts to MikeyT shouts to Money. With out Max B in the Game, shit would be fucked up!

Monday 4 July 2011

Max B "Rosary" & "The Illest" - Mixed & Mastered By Masar [2011 Exclusive]

Free The Boss Don Biggavels!! Peep the Rosary joint


Download Max B Rosary


Sunday 3 July 2011

Dame Grease Clears Up 50 Cent Bailing The Boss Don Biggavels Outta the Pen

Recently this week Dame Grease tweeted something that sparked joy to all those that follow the Undisputed Hook Kings wave...

since then Dame grease cleared this up as Almagam Digital also staked there angle on the situation, recently today 50 Cent called into Shade 45 wherby he clearly said he had no idea of the allegations and said that he had not been in talks with Max B,from the sound of it, for legal reasons i guess it wouldnt look good if he even had been in talks with Max B as Max is is signed to Amalgam.

Amalgam Digital release statement about 50 cent and dame grease

There is no bail, you wouldn’t be able to bail him out at this point,” he said. “Basically I spoke to Max this morning, I was on the phone with Max and his mom, and Max hasn’t spoken to 50, not regarding this issue. [...] It comes as a surprise to all of us. It’s shocking that a guy as vocal as 50 Cent would have Dame Grease speaking on his behalf. I can’t speak for 50. I don’t know if he intends to do what Dame is claiming he’s saying. I’m not sure where it comes from, but I can tell you this: Max is still signed to Amalgam Digital. Amalgam Digital doesn’t know anything about it. Max doesn’t know anything about it. So we’re a little confused right now, where Dame Grease is getting this from.


New Max B - Phone Check 7- 1- 2011 (Over The Phone From Jail)

New Max B - Phone Check 7- 1- 2011 (Over The Phone From Jail)

I think we gonna get that oldskool beast mode Max B - feelin this beat - oWWWW

Friday 1 July 2011