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Sunday, 10 August 2008

Page - Pimpin' (Featuring Max B)

Page - Pimpin' (Featuring Max B)

Shout out to the homie Big Page Da Don' AKA Pedro Pop' Dolla's for bringing Toronto & Harlem together in one place. You put on my nigga!

Big Shout out to the boy Max Bigavelli AKA Wavy Crocket, You know what it is. Shout out to the whole Gain Green Team. Shout out to Chris Luck, I see you! Owwww!

Shout out to the man behind the Camera Rome & To me the midnight man for editing Pimpin'.

Shout out to all the people supporting this movement we got going on, the people who were in the video and the people who werent able to make it but stand right beside us through this journey to the top. Thank you Toronto.

I hope y'all enjoy this, Look out for the next video coming soon, Stay Tuned. We going to keep bring it to you.

If you didn't catch the behind the scense here it is!


Big Page Tv x Smoke & Mirrors x Seangetti