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Tuesday 15 September 2009

JOLI O "GAPING 'OLE SHAY" : I know a MySpace jumpoff when I see one

From the Inbox: I know a MySpace jumpoff when I see one

Publicist #1

This turned up in my inbox, in the wake of Max B getting sent up for his girlfriend robbing someone, and my post yesterday about how this all could have been avoided, if he ran with a better class of women.


Battle Of The Max B Publicists…. And The Winner Is?

With Max B’s trial over it seems safe to say things will begin to slow down (at least when it comes to him) for the woman or women that claim to represent the former Dipset member.

Only one question remains, who is Max B’s publicist? If anyone truly cares....

Publicist A) Joli O’Shay, the woman responsible for igniting a media frenzy on New York morning talk shows and hip hop blogs. When she released statements of Max B’s serious injuries received during a botched robbery at a used car dealership in Queens, New York back in February 2008.


Publicist B) Ariel Goode, who debunked the statements made by O’Shay. Proving that all earlier reports by Publicist "A" were false.

It has been confirmed by Harlem Matriarch Music LLC; Max B’s management "Ariel Goode and her company Leira Public Relations is and has been Max B’s official PR rep."

(After following O'Shay on various networking sites, one can definitely see the lack of professionalism, abundance of unsavory language and raunchy mannerisms) With that said she may be able to take a few lessons from Ms. Goode on how professional women should act; in business at least.

Sources close to Biggaveli confirm that Joli is not a publicist, but has a special friendship with Max and has always wanted the best for him. Hey! someone has to take one for the team and get their knees dirty....

Source : Byron Crawford