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Thursday 28 April 2011

Fuck Maya Da B!!

Any one speak bad on the Boss Don - FUCK THEM!Sup Niggas, other day I'm taking a break from the Internet - going hard promoting sites etc getting that online money. So i step away from the net to watch Heineken and Maya Da B. Duke da God and Hell Rell were gonna be on the show and couple porn stars.

Going through the show, then the bitch Maya da B asks Hell Rell what was up with Max B, then she makes a sly stab and the bitch smirks and says "Its not like eh can do anything now" as if Hell Rell was gonna laugh and then respond.

Hell Rell squashed her early and said thats my Nigga, id never wish jail time on no one, we had a lil difference and its done. He also went on to say that when he was locked up French went and saw him So its all love

Let it be known Niggas and Wavettes - Fuck Maya Da B!!