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Thursday 6 August 2009


NEWMAXB is doing everything possible to make sure we ride the wave high!! So thought id bring you a interview with DJ HI DEF as he dropped that "THE WAVE IS OVER" entitled mixtape that even made me think WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE, But long and behold DJ HI DEF is in full affect with the wave!! Peep the interview MY WAVES. AAOWWWWW

NEWMAXB: What’s up HI DEF? Tell us were you’re from and how big is Max B were you’re at?

DJ HI-DEF: What's good? This is Hi-DEF aka HD aka Westly Wavy! I'm from Sacramento, California, born and raised.

The hip hop scene up here isn't all that familiar with Max B, which is why I chose to put out a Hi-DEF/Max B mixtape so people could get familiar with his music!

NEWMAXB: For those not familiar with you, give us a quick introduction to your style of dj’ing

DJ HI-DEF: Quick introduction? I remix songs, I blend songs as you can tell. I'm more of a dj that does it all-I produce, I host mixtapes for other artists, but right now I'm trying to get my party shit poppin. That's not going as fast I would like it which is why I'm doing more of the mixtapes than ever. You could check out a lot of my work on datpiff and! Just search Hi-DEF or 30 Days or google'll see what else I can do. I would say the one thing that sets a Hi-DEF mixtape from others is the incorporation of movie clips and themes I use on my mixtapes. I'm a huge movie buff, so before I make a mixtape, I watch a movie. Strange...I know lol

NEWMAXB: You recently dropped a mixtape entiled “The Wave is Over”, what made you choose that title-the title is a very dangerous title?

DJ HI DEF: That is a very dangerous title. People don't know that it's really called "The Wave is Over?" lol, and by no means am I saying Max or Gain Greene is finished because the truth is they are not. Al Pac is home-shouts to Pac! Shouts to Frenchy, Grease, the whole team. Hell, I'll even shout out Joli O' Wave! Whats good with my $350 Joli? You know what it is! Anyway, their team (Gain Greene) is mad talented, and whether or not the Boss Don is on deck shouldn't hurt them too much but it would be nice to see him back home so they could give the fans a full collabo mixtape/album. Free MAX B!

NEWMAXB: Tell the wave ridahs the concept of the mixtape, and how you came about choosing it

DJ HI DEF: The concept was this: take a bunch of songs that Max B did, and mix them with the original track. Some tracks I had to chop up Max's verses to make it sound better with the featured artist, and some I just had his verses do their thing and I built the songs around him. I just want to show people that Max B can fuck with any artist regardless if it's a 50 Cent or fuckin Justin Timberlake lol although I would love to see him do work with more artists which is why every song is a feature. This mixtape was to showcase his hooks, and lyrical abilities.

NEWMAXB: Do you have any other Max B mixtapes that you’re going to drop and if so when can we expect it?

DJ HI DEF: I only have one more planned. JUST ONE! I may put out another one, but I don't want my Max B mixtapes sounding like Big Mike's, DJ Delz, or DJ Lazy K. I want something different where people didn't think I just stole tracks from those djs and made my own mix. There's too much of that shit going on these days anyway and it's corny. The next tape I'm actually putting the finishing touches on right now, is very similar to the Wave is Over? mixtape but I brought in my homie Massive Trip who does blends/remixes....even better than me! So you know how that'll sound! If you liked the Wave is Over? you will definitely love Heat WAVE! It's a 2 cd set, about 6 tracks from him and 10 or so from me so be sure to check that out. Got a few songs I did like one ft The Dream, and another interlude with Justin Timberlake, another track with 50 Cent, remixed versions I made with Stack Bundles....and more. It's really hot, that's all I can say! Westly Wavy is back at it again! August 30th!!! I'll leak a few joints in the next few weeks. I'll make sure they go straight to yall before anyone else.

NEWMAX B: What artists are you currently listening to?

DJ HI DEF: I listen to mostly East coast artists. I'm infatuated with the whole New York scene. NY has it all: grimy shit, hardcore lyrics, and most importantly, artists that can make the listener feel a certain way. So, with that being said, I fuck with Jay-Z, Max B, the Diplomats, Wu-Tang, KRS One, The Alchemist, Mobb Deep, all of them are pioneers and legends in my eyes. BUT, let me tell you this really quickly, there's this one artist I'm really feeling, his name is Jay Burna. Someone needs to sign this guy. He's actually on the Wave is Over? mix and I have another track he's on on my Heat WAVE mix. Actually, me, Burna, and Max were supposed to have a collabo mixtape pop off, but it didn't work for some reason. But check for this cat Jay Burna, dude is nice!

NEWMAXB: Thanks for doing the interview with NEWMAXB, Is their anything else you would like to add?

DJ HI DEF: First and foremost, I'd like someone to find a way to send Max this mixtape and to let him know I support his movement and to hold his head and that the Wave is being held down! I would also like to add that I'm very humbled that people are feeling my mixtapes, and I appreciate the support. Check out my 30 Days of PIFF series. Volume 6 and 7 coming end of August! Go cop that Hi-DEF/Jay-Z The Premier Issue 7 and Winning Ticket EP I put out July 4th! Support DJ Hi-DEF!! I'm also on,, and too! Check out Hi-DEF & Massive Trip's HEAT WAVE mixtape August 30th! Free Max B! Gain Greene for life!