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Thursday 13 August 2009


Last week NEWMAXB brought you a Interview with DJ HI DEF click here. This week we went out of our way to speak to the one and only DJ FLIPROC who brought us the mixtape that MAX B always said he wanted a mixtape blend with TUPAC BIGGIE AND JAY Z. Dont hate the playas just hate the game Muthalflacks

NEWMAXB: What’s up FLIPROC? Tell us were you’re from and how big is
Max B were you’re at?

DJ FLIPROC: Wats good g? from jerz and of course Max is oh so wAvy out in the streets here. Everyone went crazy over this mixtape and I hope this wave gets out to all who support Max B.

NEWMAXB: For those not familiar with you, give us a quick introduction to your style of dj’ing

DJ FLIPROC: Im more of an underground DJ. Mixing down/producing/looping is where im at my best and by growin up listen to mixtapes, I just have an ear for good music. I love using different components with the element of the mix because that's something that captures you and if your really a fan of mixtapes or just hiphop in general, u know what I mean. This is my passion and I would just like to make my mark and show everyone what I can bring to the mixtape game.

NEWMAXB: You recently dropped a mixtape entitled “On My Biggavelli Shit”, what made you choose that title?

DJ FLIPROC: I wanted to capture the essence of Biggaveli by creating a format of all 4 legends each goin in on the track and let max ride the wave throughout the cd. I took my time creating this project & that is one reason why this is not just any other max b tape. It is my version of a compilation album that Max B had always wanted to get done, so here it is.

NEWMAXB: Tell the wave ridahs the concept of the mixtape, and how you came about choosing it

DJ FLIPROC: He goes by Biggavelli, Biggie, Jay, & Pac "the big 3 . So this mixtape is built around 4 legends & Max is on the hook. Its my version of a compilation album so just take this ride wit me

NEWMAXB: Do you have any other Max B mixtapes that you’re going to drop and if so when can we expect it?

DJ FLIPROC: Got another Biggavel project on the way...still marinatin' tho but be sure to look out for it soon. Been gettin idea's and cookin up some crack @ tha lab so in due time i'll be back with another classic.

NEWMAX B: What artists are you currently listening to?

DJ FLIPROC: Whoevers makin quality music.

NEWMAXB: Thanks for doing the interview with NEWMAXB, Is their anything else you would like to add?

DJ HI DEF: First and foremost, to Max b, Hold ya head up..Hope that appeal goes thru. I would like to shout out my team, blokwork ent., dyverse, scorch, flymoney & everyone who supported and showed love from day one. And of course NEWMAXB for taking the time out to contact me for this interview. respect bro peace